Linda Gaunt Communications

KENDALL + KYLIE / A Cultural and Social Impact

To do justice to the launch of the Kendall+Kylie brand, we needed only to look to the cultural impact of the girls themselves. With a combined social following of more than 200 million fans globally, Kendall & Kylie Jenner represent two of the most popular icons of this generation. 

They’ve brought together the seemingly conflicting scenes of high fashion and street sensibility, to create a new language that millions have identified with, and their launch event had to have the same effortless energy and buzz. 

We envisioned the event environment to be a beautifully designed and decorated New York City “penthouse party”.  A curated list of VIPs, influencers, bloggers and media were invited.  The digital coverage from the event was staggering, totaling 938,470,073 impressions and outweighing print impressions by nearly 110 times.